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Organon and Flat6Labs Announce Second Cycle of Women’s Health Accelerator Program, Expanding Focus to Address Key Women’s Health Challenges Across MENAT

Celebrating International Women’s Day: Empowering Female-Led Innovation in Healthcare

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 29 February 2024: Organon, a global healthcare company dedicated to improving women’s health, in partnership with Flat6Labs, MENA’s leading seed and early-stage venture capital firm, is thrilled to announce the launch of the second cycle of the Women’s Health Accelerator Program. Building on the success of the inaugural cycle and the incredible momentum witnessed across the region, this initiative aims to empower digital health startups with solutions to enhance women’s health across the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey (MENAT) region.

The second cycle will hone in on three main focus sectors critical to women’s health:
Family Planning: Technologies Enhancing Contraception Counseling and Education and Awareness of Tools and Options.
Fertility Planning: Solutions for IVF Mental Health Support and Counseling.
Women’s Wellness: Innovations in Self & Maternal Care, Disease Prevention, and Menstrual Health.

The overarching objective of this accelerator program is to address specific challenges faced by women in the region concerning their health, aiming to find sustainable and long-term solutions. The focus will be on identifying and supporting digital solutions that can help improve accessibility, empower individuals, and enhance overall quality of well-being, ultimately advancing women’s healthcare in the areas identified. This year’s program will target startups operating in several countries, including Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, KSA, and the UAE. The majority of these countries have established Organon & Flat6Labs offices, with both entities having local partners in these geographies.

The initiative aims to accelerate the growth of 15 startups, and engage with various stakeholders, ultimately graduating startups that are ready to launch and address current challenges in women’s health. Additionally, the program will include virtual and on-ground community events such as info sessions, roadshows, pitchathons, and webinars to strengthen outreach, scouting, and selection efforts.

The second cycle of the Women’s Health Accelerator Program introduces enhanced program offerings. These offerings include:
In-Depth Training: Startups will receive specialized training in business and technical aspects, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.
Mentorship and Guidance: Participants will benefit from mentorship provided by industry experts, connecting them to a vast network of local and international mentors, investors, and corporates.
Exposure to Stakeholders: Startups will have unique opportunities for exposure to key stakeholders, enhancing their visibility and creating valuable connections within the industry.
Regional Business Support: Access to a regional network across the region and support with market expansion.

Commenting on the program’s second cycle, Ramy Koussa, Associate Vice President, Organon, Middle East North Africa & Turkey (MENAT), stated, “Investing in women’s health shows positive return on investment (ROI): for every $1 invested, ~$3 is projected in economic growth. Investing in improving women’s health not only improves women’s quality of life but also enables them to participate more actively in the workforce and make a living. The potential value created through women’s higher economic participation and productivity exceeds the costs of implementation by a ratio of $3 to $1 globally. Launching the second cycle of the Women’s Health Accelerator Program marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to advancing women’s health in the MENAT region. We are excited to deepen our partnership with Flat6Labs and continue listening to the needs of women, identifying innovative solutions that foster a better and healthier every day for her. This cycle is a testament to our sustained dedication to collaboration, innovation, and the empowerment of women-led startups in the digital healthcare space.”

Yehia Houry, Chief Programs Officer at Flat6Labs, emphasized the importance of supporting female entrepreneurs and advancing women’s healthcare, stating, “As we embark on the second cycle of the Women’s Health Accelerator Program, we are thrilled to amplify our support for female entrepreneurs shaping the future of women’s healthcare. This initiative is not just about innovation; it’s about empowering visionary minds to create lasting impact. Our ongoing partnership with Organon and the evolving focus of this cycle reaffirm our commitment to fostering a dynamic ecosystem for women-led startups. Together, we aim to revolutionize the healthcare landscape, ensuring it reflects the diverse and nuanced needs of women across the MENAT region.”

In the accelerator program’s first cycle, we witnessed the remarkable achievements of three standout startups that were announced as the winners: “OMGYNO” founded by Doreen Toutikian and Elisabeth Milini in Greece and Lebanon, “Siira” founded by Sandra Salame in Lebanon, and “Maternally” founded by Yasmin El Mouallem in the UAE. These visionary companies have not only demonstrated innovation and excellence but have also become integral parts of our ecosystem. As we embark on the second cycle, we are thrilled to welcome these winners back into the fold. Their invaluable insights, experiences, and successes will serve as guiding lights for the new cohort of startups, enriching the program with their expertise and contributing to its continued success.

For more information about the Women’s Health Accelerator Program’s second cycle and the application process, please visit our website here. The applications close on May 16, 2024.

Riyadh Valley Company Announces Strategic Investment in Flat6Labs’ Startup Seed Fund

Riyadh Valley Company, the investment arm of King Saud University and a prominent player in the investment landscape of Saudi Arabia, is delighted to announce its strategic investment in Flat6Labs’ Startup Seed Fund, a move that solidifies its commitment to supporting the growth and development of the region’s vibrant startup ecosystem.

This investment marks a significant milestone in Riyadh Valley Company’s mission to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is part of the company’s broader strategy to identify and partner with initiatives that have the potential to drive meaningful change in the region. The fund enables startups to receive follow-on funding up to SAR 2.4 million and the support and training programs provided by the program for select companies.

The Startup Seed Fund is a closed-ended fund that invests in early-stage startups operating in the technology and innovation sectors within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The fund will adopt a highly diversified, systematic investment plan that aims to reduce the risks faced by venture capital and reduce the administrative and legal costs incurred by early-stage startups. The fund has invested in 20 innovative startups, with an investment value exceeding SAR 15,000,000.

Commenting on this strategic investment, Dr. Khalid Al-Saleh, CEO of Riyadh Valley Company, stated, “Riyadh Valley Company is excited to partner with Flat6Labs’ Startup Seed Fund LP. We recognize the incredible potential and innovative spirit of startups in the region and understand the vital role they play in advancing our economy. This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to providing the resources and support necessary to help these startups thrive and scale their businesses.”

Flat6Labs’ Startup Seed Fund has a proven track record of supporting and accelerating startups across various sectors. With Riyadh Valley Company’s investment, the fund is poised to further expand its operations, reach more entrepreneurs, and make a substantial impact on the region’s startup landscape.

Commenting on the investment, Eyad Albayouk of Flat6Labs, expressed, “We are thrilled to welcome Riyadh Valley Company as a strategic partner in our Startup Seed Fund. This collaboration will undoubtedly enhance our ability to support startups and drive innovation in the Kingdom. We look forward to working together to achieve our shared goal of fostering entrepreneurial success in the country.”

Riyadh Valley Company’s investment in Flat6Labs’ Startup Seed Fund underscores the company’s dedication to advancing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s economic diversification goals and promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Flat6Labs, SIAC, and Dar Launch “Makers” ConTech Accelerator Program

Investing Up to $100K in Construction Tech Startups in Egypt

Flat6Labs, the region’s leading seed and early-stage venture capital firm, has launched the “Makers” ConTech Accelerator Program in partnership with SIAC and Dar Al-Handasah (Shair and Partners). The program is the first-ever construction-focused accelerator program in the Middle East that aims to support advanced startups in the construction technology industry.

The “Makers” ConTech Accelerator Program will provide select startups with up to $100,000 in funding per startup as well as grant access to pilot projects, industry experts, mentorship, business training, one-on-one consultations, coaching sessions, networking opportunities, and essential resources to cultivate and scale their businesses. The program will last 12 weeks, startups will be chosen based on their unique new technology, hardworking founders, and exceptionally promising products, presented at a minimum viable product (MVP) level or higher.

The launch of the new program follows Makers’ first pre-accelerator program, which ran in early 2023 and which aimed to promote construction industry innovation through connecting and engaging with various industry stakeholders with extensive expertise, thereby creating sustainable innovation ecosystems for resolving construction-related challenges within SIAC, Dar, and the industry at large. The pre-accelerator program graduated nine of the most innovative ConTech startups in Egypt – including Reblox, Tawredaat, AION Innovation, Masafa, HomeLab, A.D Innovations, Makinahub, and JEEZAR. During the pre-accelerator, these startups were offered strategic mentorship, entrepreneurship-focused business training, one-on-one sessions with subject matter experts, as well as other benefits that would empower them to develop and present their innovative ideas and solutions.
With the launch of the new accelerator program, Flat6Labs intends to provide ongoing support to construction technology startups. The program will initially focus on Egyptian entrepreneurs, before expanding to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and subsequently to the wider MENA region.

Commenting on the new Makers Accelerator Program, Faysal Shair, Head of Digital Solutions at Dar, said, “We are thrilled to continue our exceptional collaboration with SIAC and Flat6Labs to accelerate the transformation of the construction industry. We believe that the program will promote innovation in the construction industry and foster talents in construction tech, empowering them to showcase their innovative solutions and work alongside industry leaders to bring those solutions to the market. We are looking forward to seeing what the selected startups will bring to the table.”

“We are proud to be a part of the journey towards digitizing the construction industry and unlocking more opportunities and potential for ConTech startups in Egypt,” stated Seif Ragab, Deputy CEO at SIAC. “The digital revolution of the construction industry is becoming more crucial than ever and we are excited to capitalize on this momentum and make major leaps. We are confident that the expansion of this program would essentially help the growth and development of the region’s constructing industry.”

“We are excited to announce the launch of an accelerator program in collaboration with SIAC and Dar Al-Handasah, with the hope that it will serve as a conduit for the development of cutting-edge innovation while driving growth and opportunities for promising startups,” said Yehia Houry, Chief Programs Officer at Flat6Labs. “We are proud of the success of the pre-accelerator program, and we believe that Makers will have a significant impact on the construction industry in Egypt, and eventually across the Middle East.”

Compared to other sectors like fintech, the construction industry typically moves at a slower pace when it comes to embracing innovation or digitalization. The Makers program strives to equip construction entrepreneurs with the necessary support in order to provide innovative solutions and fresh technologies that optimize and automate construction industry processes, making them more efficient and sustainable while propelling the sector forward.

About Flat6Labs:
Flat6Labs is the MENA region’s leading seed and early-stage venture capital firm, currently running the most renowned startup programs in the region. Flat6Labs invests in innovative and technology-driven startups enabling thousands of passionate entrepreneurs to achieve their daring ambitions and ultimately becoming their institutional co-founders.
Flat6Labs manages a number of seed funds with a total AUM in excess of $85M. More than 25 leading institutions have invested into the Flat6Labs managed funds; believing in the asset class and Flat6Labs’ proven track record as the market leader. Flat6Labs provides a wide range of investment ticket sizes ranging from $50K to $500k, supporting startups through their early journeys from Pre-Seed all the way to Pre-Series A stages. Alongside the investments, Flat6Labs’ exceptional startup programs, executed to cater specifically for the needs of the innovative entrepreneurs, helps them accelerate their growth by providing them with a plethora of support services and connecting them to unparalleled opportunities with an expansive network comprising hundreds of business mentors, investors and corporates.
Launched and headquartered in Cairo since 2011, Flat6Labs has multiple offices across the region; with ongoing plans to expand into other emerging markets.
For more information, visit

About SIAC:

SIAC Construction is one of the leading regional construction private sector companies in Egypt and the Middle East. Since its establishment in 1986; SIAC gained a vast record of experience in the construction of mega projects; including top-quality finishing buildings, heavy industrial construction, power plants, infrastructure, and petrochemical projects.

SIAC’s aim is to create a difference in quality construction, by implementing the most modern management and construction systems, in order to ensure and improve its position as a leader in the construction field.

SIAC also is a member of SIAC Holding which was established to manage the diversified activities of the Group. These activities include construction, development, and building materials.
About Dar-Al-Handasah

Dar is one of the world’s leading consultancies, providing design, planning, engineering, and project management services for a wide variety of market sectors, including buildings and cities, transportation and civil infrastructure, and water and the environment, and project management. We are a global community of over 7,850 talented and innovative engineers, planners, economists, architects, designers, project management specialists, construction management professionals, and multidisciplinary experts. We take on some of the world’s most exciting and ambitious projects in order to nurture sustainable development, empower and connect communities, create more and better opportunities, and enhance lives. Our company’s portfolio includes over 4,500 projects, collectively worth $540 billion, delivered for over 950 clients. The firm’s commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and sustainable development has earned it a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in shaping a better future for communities around the world.

Dar is also the founder of Dar Group – a global network of industry-leading brands with over 18,600 employees in more than 300 offices around the world. According to the industry-standard Engineering News Record, Dar Group has ranked among the top 10 international design firms for over 15 years, and it currently ranks 1st in the Middle East and 3rd in Africa (ENR 2022).

New entrepreneurship initiative to boost job creation in Libya

Tripoli, May 2023. The new “Deraya – دِرَايَــة Entrepreneurship Initiative” for young entrepreneurs seeks to build a dynamic ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurs and startups in Libya.

Young entrepreneurs in Libya face many challenges, including accessing markets and financial resources, and navigating regulations and administrative procedures. The Deraya initiative is designed to equip entrepreneurs with the essential know-how to turn innovative ideas into successful startups. The initiative was jointly developed by the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG), and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in collaboration with the European Union (EU) and the African Development Bank (AfDB).
Targeting youth and vulnerable groups, Deraya is open to innovative and aspiring entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 35. Through interactive webinars, the initiative’s participants will be given an opportunity to engage with experienced entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and role models from Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia and learn from their success stories, wealth of knowledge, and expertise. The initiative will also entail startup weekends in Tripoli, Benghazi, Sebha, and Derna, culminating with a pitch competition where the winning startups will receive financial support, financed by EU and AfDB, to further develop, grow, and take their business ideas to the next level. As a critical step towards sustainability, entrepreneurs will be linked to the municipal business incubators being set up with MoLG with UNDP’s technical support.
Commenting on the launch of the initiative, Dr. Bader Al-Deen Al-Tomi, Minister of Local Government, said: “The Deraya initiative plays a pivotal role in the Ministry of Local Government’s strategy to develop entrepreneurship and micro-enterprises at the local level, empower municipalities economically, and provide job opportunities in line with Law 59 and Resolution 1500 . We are delighted to work towards these goals in cooperation with our international partners, EU, AfDB and UNDP.”
EU Ambassador Mr. José Sabadell added: “Libya’s economic prosperity will be driven by young entrepreneurs with innovative, forward-looking ideas. They will be the key to a more diversified Libyan economy, a strong private sector and new jobs. Together with our Libyan and international partners, the European Union therefore seeks to offer strong and concrete support to young Libyan entrepreneurs, to realise their business ideas.”
Mr Mohamed El Azizi, Regional Director for North Africa at the African Development Bank, further commented: “Private sector development is key to boosting economic diversification and job creation in Libya. Supporting the trajectory of young Libyan men and women to develop and grow their start-ups has enormous socio-economic potential and will contribute to job creation. It is also important to ensure an adequate business enabling environment and institutional support. The EEYES project, financed by the AfDB through the Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Multidonor Trust Fund, and implemented by UNDP, supports these components.”
UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. Marc-André Franche, said: “Libya has a new generation of young people, women and men, , with promising capacity and big ambitions. The country has the potential to be one of the biggest entrepreneurial ecosystems in North Africa, and through the Deraya programme, UNDP seek to help inspire and provide young entrepreneurs with the necessary resources and assets to realise growth and innovation.”
The Deraya programme is part of UNDP’s Local Peacebuilding and Resilience efforts in partnership with MoLG, aimed at creating socio-economic opportunities for youth and vulnerable groups to promote sustainable growth in Libya, including the establishment of the first Municipality-led business incubator and the TEC+ Accelerator programme.

The Deraya initiative, co-funded by AfDB and EU, is designed and implemented in collaboration with a consortium consisting of Flat6Labs, Tatweer Research and MAZAM, bringing in years of experience and specialized knowledge in helping young entrepreneurs launch successful ventures in both the Middle East & Africa regions.

Further information and how to apply can be found on the website:

UNDP supports Libya’s transition towards peace, economic recovery, and sustainable development to help the country get on a more robust development path by supporting local authorities to restore essential services delivery and livelihood opportunities and promote peaceful co-existence. Job creation for youth is at the heart of UNDP’s local Peacebuilding efforts. This initiative is part of UNDP’s “Environment towards youth entrepreneurship support and positive migration governance project (EEYES)” programme financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB), and the Strengthening Local Capacity for Resilience and Recovery Project funded by the North of Africa Window of the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Stability which contributes to addressing the root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa (EUTF – NOA). The Deraya initiative is implemented in partnership with Flat6Labs, Tatweer and Mazam.

​​Flat6Labs Launches New US$95M Venture Capital Fund to Expand its Impact in Africa

Cairo, Egypt – 14th, March 2023: Flat6Labs, MENA’s leading seed investor, has announced the launch of a new US$95 million Seed Fund to nurture the growth and development of early-stage tech startups on the African continent. Flat6Labs has a proven track record in carefully vetting out and investing in promising startups in North Africa since it was founded 12 years ago, with more than US$16M invested in startups, and over US$191M raised in follow-on funding while creating more than 2,500 direct jobs and 80,000 indirect jobs through its first two funds in Egypt and Tunisia.

Headquartered in Egypt, the Africa Seed Fund (ASF) will focus on three main investment territories in Africa: North Africa, West Africa, and East Africa. Flat6Labs will be extending its reach into several new territories including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, and Senegal, amongst others. The ASF will be led by Ramez El-Serafy and Dina el-Shenoufy as General Partners for the fund. The fund will invest in more than 160 early-stage startups over the next five years that operate in the technology sector in Africa, with a focus on impactful sectors that accelerate digital inclusion through the use of information technologies and industries which contribute to addressing social and environmental challenges, such as HealthTech, FinTech, EdTech, GreenTech, AgriTech, ClimateTech, and other sectors.The significant influx of capital from the ASF has the potential to create more than 14,000 jobs, provide support to more than 1,200 founders with 20% female participation, and generate revenue of more than US$700M.

Ramez El-Serafy, General Partner for ASF, says, “We are extremely excited about the launch of the Africa Seed Fund. Africa is one of the most exciting regions to invest in tech and innovation, with huge untapped potential and unique business opportunities. We will leverage our experience and knowledge to guide the startup founders to create truly scalable, investment-ready, Africa-based companies.”
The African tech ecosystem has continued to grow in 2022. According to Partech 2022 Africa Venture Capital Report, funding for the African sector increased to US$6.5B in 2022, up from US$6.0B in 2021. Clearly, the deep forces driving growth of the African tech ecosystem have prevailed against the global headwinds.

With the Africa Seed Fund, Flat6Labs will be investing in 160 companies that are in Pre-Seed up to Pre-Series A stage, with tickets ranging from US$150K-US$500K through the Flat6Labs’ Africa Seed Program and will also be providing seed tickets to seasoned founders independently of the program. ASF will also be able to reinvest into portfolio companies in follow-on rounds.
Flat6Labs’ Africa Seed Program provides portfolio companies joining the program with seed funding, regional business support, access to a regional network of seasoned local mentors, as well as regulatory and logistical support to set up and grow their businesses. The program also adapts to be regional with a hybrid model allowing for physical on-the-ground interactions in local markets while combining virtual elements that allow for cohort interactions across the entire fund region. Two cohorts will be run annually, with an average of 10 to 15 startups per cohort. The first investments in the selected startups are planned to be made before the end of 2023.

Dina el-Shenoufy, General Partner for ASF, says, “The Africa Seed Fund is well-positioned to be a catalyst for driving long-term positive change that the youth of Africa really deserve, and to providing resources to the brightest of them, while accelerating the future of the African continent. The program is designed to provide entrepreneurs with the resources that they need to be able to grow and to scale-up their businesses to new heights.”
“We have observed that the entrepreneurial market has matured over the years with a new wave of founders that are more experienced. We will also cater for these founders and offer higher ticket sizes to support these companies and a different track to the program” el-Shenoufy added.

The Africa Seed Fund (ASF) is being established by Flat6Labs, project (SAIS), with the support of the GIZ on behalf of the German Government, and through the Egyptian Agricultural Innovation Project (AIP) and Scaling Digital Agricultural Innovations through Start-ups project (SAIS).

Flat6Labs Holds Third Demo Day in Amman

(Amman, Jordan – March 11, 2023) — Venture capital firm Flat6Labs recently held its third demo day on March 7, at the Four Seasons Amman, bringing together a wide array of mentors, investors, and entrepreneurs. The special event celebrated the seven startups’ successful completion of the Amman Seed Program. And it was an opportunity for these new companies to showcase their achievements and receive recognition for the hard work they demonstrated over the past several months.
The seven startups presented their innovative products and solutions during the event. Companies based on AdTech, FinTech, FashionTech, AutoTech, FoodTech, HealthTech, and LogTech. Cayyesh, InvoiceQ, Makesy, Markabte, Kitchmarket, Sawaaid, and Olivery showcased their cutting-edge services that cover a wide array of sectors mentioned above, paving the way for them to succeed in the digital age.
Commenting on the occasion, the General Manager of Flat6Labs, Rasha Manna, stated, “We are proud to witness the progress of the third cohort during the program. Demo day represents the culmination of the efforts they have put in during the program. Our support does not end here, we continue to work closely with our portfolio companies as they scale up. We are proud to be part of their journey, and we constantly seek talented entrepreneurs from the local community.”
The current cohort is the third cycle of the company’s Seed Program. Participants in the program are able to gain insight and benefit from the expertise and guidance of top-notch professionals in their respective fields. The program has also enabled these startups to grow exponentially in terms of their business goals, execution plans, and overall success.
During the four months period, the seven startups gained the opportunity to develop their business and elevate it to new heights. In addition, the program opened the door for them to gain customers, develop their products, expand their reach in the market, leverage the tools they are handed, and create a strategic plan. With the program’s resources, these startups are poised to lead successful businesses and accelerate their growth.

Flat6Labs Launches ‘StartMashreq’ Initiative to Support Entrepreneurs across the Levant Region

StartMashreq seeks to support innovative entrepreneurs in Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq, with a focus on empowering women, refugees, minorities, and displaced persons.

– The program will work to build a diverse digital community of entrepreneurial pioneers, while promoting socioeconomic development, prosperity, and sustainability through innovation and inclusion.

StartMashreq will provide comprehensive business incubation and support to entrepreneurs, including enhancing access to investment opportunities and helping build local and regional partnerships.

Amman, Jordan – March 06, 2023 — Flat6Labs, the MENA region’s leading seed investor, has officially announced the launch of its StartMashreq entrepreneurship program. The regional program is being implemented over a two-year period in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, and the government of the Netherlands. As the first program of its kind, StartMashreq will offer comprehensive support to entrepreneurs across a broad segment of society throughout the Levant region. Targeting underserved demographics in Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq—including women, refugees, minorities, and internally displaced persons—StartMashreq is open to entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 45 who are seeking to develop their innovative ideas and projects.

The program seeks to provide wide-reaching opportunities, capabilities, and support to beneficiaries. StartMashreq will focus heavily on entrepreneurs working in education, fintech, financial inclusion, healthcare technology, agriculture, environment, and information and communication technology. By prioritizing the success, growth, and sustainability of projects in these fields, the program aims to diversify economic opportunities in the targeted countries and contribute to their overall socioeconomic development.

The program will work along three main tracks—StartMashreq Academy, the Growth Support Program, and the Incubation Program—ultimately forming a strong, well-rounded base of support for creative entrepreneurs.
Through StartMashreq Academy, individuals who aspire to sharpen their personal and professional skills will be able to benefit from a wide range of resources, on The platform includes tools like data and infographics; digital and interactive sessions, seminars, and talks led by experienced business leaders; pre-recorded training courses across a variety of specialized topics; and blog posts and articles written by experts from across the region.

During the StartMashreq Incubation program, which will be carried out across four cycles, participants will receive the training and resources they need to develop a comprehensive business plan and growth strategy. Trainers and mentors will be available to guide participants through interactive, one-on-one sessions, while group sessions will allow these entrepreneurs to share their experiences and exchange expertise.

For more mature startups, StartMashreq’s Growth Support Program will help participants pursue advanced opportunities for growth. The program will provide a total of 20 startups throughout the region with access to a series of workshops and meetings tailored to address their unique challenges and needs. These participants will gain access to international networking channels and events, where they will be able to meet potential partners, customers, and investors. Most importantly, participants will receive local and international legal support at no cost.

“Entrepreneurs can be game changers when it comes to job creation and economic growth in the Levant region. However, underserved groups, like women, young people, and the forcibly displaced, struggle to access the support they need to start a business. I am proud that IFC is partnering with Flat6Labs to launch the StartMashreq program to help startups get critical training, mentorship, and funding,” said Khawaja Aftab Ahmed, IFC Regional Director for the Middle East, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Commenting on the launch of the program, Yehia Houry, Flat6Labs Chief Programs Officer, said, “The Arab world, and the Levant region in particular, has always been full of promising young people with big ambitions. Unfortunately, many of the youth in our region lack access to the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed. At Flat6Labs, we believe in the importance of providing a complete system of support for all segments of society and all stages of the entrepreneurial process, which is why we are proud to launch the StartMashreq program, which complements our existing investment programs in Jordan and Lebanon. Through this initiative, we hope to inspire an entrepreneurial movement and provide the tools and resources necessary to nurture that movement.”

The StartMashreq platform will be open to all interested candidates across Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq to access free educational content and tools, helping them enrich their expertise. To apply for the Incubation and Growth Support programs, interested individuals and entrepreneurs should create an account on the StartMashreq website and complete the registration form. The support from the IFC and the government of the Netherlands for StartMashreq falls under the PROSPECTS Partnership. PROSPECTS is a global partnership that aims to improve the access of host communities and forcibly displaced people to education, social protection, and decent work. The partnership is spearheaded by the Government of the Netherlands, and it brings together IFC, the International Labour Organization (ILO), the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the World Bank.

Flat6Labs Hosts 12 Startups During Demo Day at the Grand Egyptian Museum

Flat6Labs, the MENA region’s leading seed and early-stage venture capital firm, hosted its 18th and 19th cycle startups on February 15th, 2023, at the Flat6Labs 2023 Demo Day in Cairo at the Grand Egyptian Museum. This Demo Day event introduced 12 growth-driven tech startups from the Flat6Labs Seed Program in Cairo, operating in an array of industries, namely Fintech, SaaS, E-commerce, Transportation, Food and Beverage, AgriTech, AI & Machine Learning, Recruitment, and EdTech. The portfolio companies showcased their innovative products and solutions to an audience of more than 500 attendees, including investors from Egypt and the region, representatives from our partners, and enablers in the startup ecosystem.

This Demo Day event marked the culmination of the 5 year investment period of the Flat6Labs Accelerator Company (FAC) Fund in Egypt, where Flat6Labs has successfully invested EGP 152M in seed and follow-on funding in 91 startups, 47% of which raised EGP 1.1Bn in follow-on funding.

Flat6Labs’ CIO, Dina el-Shenoufy said, “I’m proud to say that Flat6Labs has played a pivotal role in stimulating the Egyptian economy through the investments we’ve made over the past 5 years, supporting 200+ entrepreneurs in 16 different industries, creating over 81,500 indirect jobs and over 1,700 direct jobs, 31% of which are held by women. We look forward to continuing to support our 91 innovative portfolio startups, being part of their growth journey, and making an even bigger impact across Africa and the region.”

Over the course of the last year of the Cairo Seed Program, the Flat6Labs team has been working closely with the 12 startups, helping them develop their core business solutions and expand their operations by offering them business and technical training and mentorship sessions led by some of the best business leaders and industry experts in Egypt and the region.

The Flat6Labs 2023 Demo Day in Cairo was sponsored by our partner, SANAD Entrepreneurship Academy.

The 12 startups that showcased in the Flat6Labs 2023 Demo Day in Cairo are:


Facilitating the order delivery process for small and medium sellers.


Humm is a food-focused multimedia company at the intersection of tech, e-commerce, and the creator economy.


We are the only Online Healthy Food Marketplace.


A tech-based transportation services solution for uniformly transporting commuters, students, and supply fleets for companies.


The Friends and Family money application.


MENA’s leading tech recruitment web solution trusted by 100s of companies in 10+ countries worldwide.


BabRizk is the first blue collar recruitment application with loyalty programs and fintech services.


Facilitating and Automating Mortgage Financing Online.


Fuelin is a smart platform to help Companies better manage and monitor their fleet fuel consumption.


Sharia-compliant trade finance platform, availing working capital merchandise credit limits to empower small business growth.


Katteb is an AI Writer that consistently learns. It can write about any recent or future events using state of the art AI technology.


Melior is a straight-forward, effective, and robust patient engagement software.

Flat6Labs signs MoU with PwC to support regional startups

Flat6Labs, the MENA region’s leading seed and early-stage venture capital firm, and PwC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide support to start-ups with high growth potential in the region.

“Flat6Labs has a proven track record in carefully vetting out and investing in promising start-ups, and thereby enabling thousands of passionate founders to achieve their daring ambitions, while supporting the region’s flourishing entrepreneurship ecosystem,” said Yehia Houry, Chief Program Officer at Flat6Labs. “Our partnership with PwC plays to the strengths of both our organisations, with the end result being significant value to our portfolio start-ups, as well as to enterprises across the region that will stand to benefit from the disruptive innovations they bring to market.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Flat6Labs will work to identify and position start-ups from its portfolio as potential solution providers under PwC. Initially, the focus of this endeavour will be on startups that operate across the rapidly evolving financial services and telco sectors. The companies will also set up a joint working group that will engage with prospective enterprises and priority clients to develop corporate innovation programs and innovation challenges.

World-class mentorship is a defining element of Flat6Labs’ incubator programs across the region, and the MoU seeks to strengthen the company’s value propositions in this area as well. PwC’s sector and industry experts will participate as coaches, mentors, and trainers in various Flat6Labs programs, thereby giving start-ups unrivalled access to some of the industry’s foremost advisors and thought leaders. PwC Middle East will also extend its unparalleled expertise to Flat6Labs start-ups in preparing for and navigating the later stage funding rounds, from Series A, all the way up to IPO preparedness, having worked with over 20 global unicorns.

Mark Stanley, Financial Services Partner at PwC Middle East said, “Our strategic partnership with Flat6Labs is part of PwC’s Ventures strategy and indicative of our commitment to growing capabilities beyond our own, empowering start-ups and building a world-class regional ecosystem. We believe there is untapped talent and disruptive capabilities in start-ups that lack access to the established industry incumbents that PwC proudly serves. The established VCs operating in this region are a really effective route to source, qualify and partner with these emerging startups. Together with Flat6Labs, we will mobilise our strategy through execution capabilities, to help our clients design, build and scale new ventures, powered by the market’s leading startups.”

To date, Flat6Labs has invested in 355 start-ups through its various programs across the MENA region. Collectively, these firms have gone on to raise over US$180million in funding and many of these organisations are today enterprise-scale businesses that continue to pioneer advancements in their respective sectors.

Flat6Labs announces the first close of the “Startup Seed Fund” with the participation of the Saudi Venture Capital Company (SVC) and “Jada”

Flat6Labs announces the first close of the “Startup Seed Fund” in Saudi Arabia, with the participation of the Saudi Venture Capital Company (SVC), subsidiary of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Bank, one of the development banks affiliated with the National Development Fund, and the “Jada” Fund of Funds, wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF). The fund enables startups to receive follow-on funding up to SAR 2.4 million, and the support and training programs provided by the program for select companies.

The Startup Seed Fund is a SAR 75 million fund dedicated to invest in early stage startups operating in the technology and innovation sectors within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The fund will adopt a highly diversified, systematic investment plan that aims to reduce the risks faced by venture capital and reduce the administrative and legal costs incurred by early-stage startups.

The fund aims to develop the capabilities of more than 180 entrepreneurs, create more than 6,000 jobs in the private sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and enable Saudi companies to expand in the region through Flat6Labs regional offices. This will contribute to completing the structural transformation that the Kingdom aspires to by increasing the share of the digital economy in GDP and enhancing the contribution of the non-oil private sector.

The first cycle of the Flat6Labs seed program has successfully started in Riyadh, investing in 10 innovative Saudi startups, with an investment value exceeding SAR 500,000 per startup. Selected startups also received a 4-month entrepreneurship training program that focused on several commercial, administrative, financial, and legal axes.

The first cycle of the Flat6Labs seed program in Riyadh saw startups operating in various industries, such as software as a system (SaaS), fintech, e-commerce, and EdTech.

Flat6Labs continues to support Saudi entrepreneurs, and we are accepting applications for the second cycle of the Flat6Labs seed program in Riyadh. The program supports a new batch of startups located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that seek opportunities for expansion and investment we offer to startups in the Middle East and North Africa region.