Christine Namara Joins Flat6Labs as Partner for Africa Seed Fund: Expanding Flat6Labs’ Reach on the Continent - Flat6Labs


In a strategic move to strengthen its existing footprint in the vibrant African startup ecosystem, Flat6Labs, the leading seed venture capital firm in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, proudly welcomes Christine Namara as Partner for its Africa Seed Fund. With more than a decade of profound experience in private equity, startup operations, and venture capital, Namara brings unparalleled expertise and an extensive network to Flat6Labs’ recently announced US $95 million Africa Seed Fund (ASF), aimed at nurturing early-stage tech startups across Africa. 

Africa Seed Fund has three key focus investment regions: North Africa, West Africa, and East Africa, which will see Flat6Labs expanding its footprint into East and West Africa. Namara’s regional expertise will be instrumental in establishing and managing such a presence, ensuring a seamless integration with the local startup ecosystems. Over the next five years, ASF aims to invest in more than 160 early-stage startups operating in the technology sector in Africa.

Describing herself as “vigorously pan-African,” Namara has extensive experience within the African technology ecosystem. Her remarkable journey has seen her transition from the operational side to the dynamic world of venture capital. In her previous roles at two prominent high-growth startups in East Africa, Namara honed her skills in B2B sales, people management, and product management. Prior to joining Flat6Labs, she was the lead of capital ventures at a reputable accelerator for early-stage start-ups in Africa. This diverse background has afforded Namara an intricate understanding of the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that early-stage entrepreneurs encounter in the ever-evolving African tech landscape.

In joining Africa Seed Fund, Namara assumes a pivotal position in identifying, nurturing, and supporting innovative startups. Her vast experience in private equity and venture capital equips her with unrivaled knowledge and strategic insights, making her an invaluable asset to the fund’s mission.

“With innovation as our compass and collaboration as our engine, I am honoured to join Flat6Labs, a pioneering force in shaping Africa’s entrepreneurial landscape. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey, unlocking the vast potential of startups across the continent. In this interconnected world, every idea has the power to change lives. I am excited to champion these innovations, catalyzing progress and leaving a lasting impact on communities in Africa and beyond,” Namara says.

General Partners of Africa Seed Fund Dina el-Shenoufy and Ramez El Serafy highlighted that Namara’s appointment is a significant step for the company’s African expansion journey. Her wealth of knowledge, coupled with her extensive regional network, will be invaluable to the team as we continue to support and nurture innovative startups on the continent through the Africa Seed Fund which is potentially expected to impact the continent with more than 14,000 jobs, provide support to more than 1,200 founders with 20% female participation, and generate revenue of more than US$700M.