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Once you are selected to join a Flat6Labs Program, you receive cash-funding respective to the Flat6Labs Program you have joined, strategic mentorship, office-space, entrepreneurship-focused business training, subject matter one to one sessions and a multitude of perks and services from partners. A couple of pointers you should keep in mind:

-You must be fully dedicated to the duration of the 4-month program.

-You must be based in the same city as the Flat6Labs program you are joining during the 4 month program period.

Flat6Labs Programs


image place Egypt
Flat6Labs Cairo Seed Program
Starts:14 Aug 2022 | Ends:27 Nov 2022

Flat6Labs Cairo Seed Program is the leading Seed Program in Egypt that provides a launchpad to help entrepreneurs develop viable companies in a short period of time.

Apply Now Deadline 23 Jun 2022
image place Tunisia
Flat6Labs Tunis Seed Program
Starts:01 Jul 2022 | Ends:01 Oct 2022

Flat6Labs Tunis is a seed and start-up program for startups seeking to promote the growth of Tunisian startups and provide a source of supply to the industry of Venture Capital in Tunisia.

Apply Now Deadline 30 Apr 2022
image place Bahrain
Flat6Labs Bahrain Seed Program
Starts:01 May 2022 | Ends:01 Aug 2022

Flat6Labs Bahrain is a seed program supported by Tamkeen that accelerates and launches both local and international Startups in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Apply Now Check the apply link for more information.
image place Jordan
Flat6Labs Amman Seed Program
Starts:01 May 2022 | Ends:31 Aug 2022

Flat6Labs launches a new fund, Jordan Seed Fund (JSF), and a seed program to support the next generation of innovative startup companies in Jordan.

Apply Now Deadline 05 Mar 2022
image place UAE
Femtech Accelerator Program
Starts:01 Apr 2022 | Ends:31 May 2022

Flat6Labs and Organon launch the Femtech Accelerator Program to help female founded digital health start-ups, across MENA, succeed by providing support to build products, test market fit and improve business models.

Apply Now Deadline 31 Mar 2022
image place UAE
Flat6Labs Ignite
Starts:01 May 2022 | Ends:01 Sep 2022

Flat6Labs has partnered with ADQ, one of MENA's largest holding companies, for the launch of a seed and early stage funding opportunity for startups; the ‘Flat6Labs Ignite’ Program.

Apply Now Deadline 03 Mar 2022
image place KSA
Fintech Accelerator
Starts:20 Feb 2022 | Ends:20 May 2022

The Fintech Accelerator program is designed to support aspiring Fintech entrepreneurs through an intensive part-time curriculum focused on growth and scaling stages. Our bespoke and tailored curriculum is designed to help your startup grow and to introduce you to all the best practices, tools, and resources to develop and scale your solution-driven business.

Apply Now Deadline 20 Jan 2022