Here Is Why Flat6Labs Believes MENA Needs More Women Entrepreneurs - Flat6Labs


More women entrepreneurs means more innovation


There are often two reasons why someone would start a startup, and it can be either the potential of an untapped opportunity or the potential of surviving poverty and unemployment. In a recent study on women entrepreneurship in the MENA region, Hala Hattab found that the general consensus is that women are driven to take part in entrepreneurial activities because of the existence of opportunities, especially in Egypt. Since we’ve already mentioned that women compromise 48% of MENA’s population, this means that with more women entrepreneurs there is a much higher chance for innovative products and services, and room for improvement in every industry. This will benefit consumers, businesses, governments, and economies of countries at large.

Women-led small businesses tend to create an overflow of job opportunities


If more women entrepreneurs were to start venturing with scalable businesses, more job opportunities will be created, and the GDP of countries affected by such growth will increase. In one research, it has been forecasted that if women were capable of starting such businesses, millions of jobs will be created; Dell’s research further elaborated that in the U.S. alone 15 millions jobs will be available for the unemployed. Hattab’s research on the employment rate in women-led small businesses in MENA, indicated that the highest average of employment rates exists in Jordan, Lebanon, and Yemen with around 20 employees per startup; a big number considering that the businesses are still at their infancy.

Women inspire other women


Women inspire women. Independent, powerful, and socially impactful women can inspire women to start their own businesses, and be a strong force in any economy. StartEgypt initiative has roamed 17 cities over the past years, and has trained and counseled 1,000 women entrepreneurs around Egypt through 14 Female Founder sessions. During such sessions, StartEgypt brings successful entrepreneurial models to inspire Egyptian females all across Egypt, and they also offer workshops for female entrepreneurs, and provide them with access to their incubation program. Also, StartEgypt’s ‘Inspire’ which was held 42 times, saw about 6,000 females attending it. Last but not least, StartEgypt has welcomed 20 female founders to their incubation program the past cycles! When women are inspired they can lift themselves up from poverty, they can fight unemployment, and their independence will evidently inspire other women.

Women are more likely to invest their revenues to further extend the growth and impact


A research conducted by the World Bank, found out a pattern where women are more likely to invest 90% of their income in supporting their families and communities. To further elaborate, a Goldman Sachs report states “enabling women, particularly as entrepreneurs, benefits future generations because women tend to spend more on their children’s education and health, which should boost productivity as well.”