Here Are Four Tips On How to Get Your Startup Its First Customers - Flat6Labs


Launching a new solution is never easy, but getting your early adopters amped up when it comes to your innovation isn’t a piece of cake; it also isn’t a far-fetched dream. Your early adopters will most likely be risk takers, people who trust you personally, and people who actually see potential in your innovation and great benefit to their lifestyle or business. The question that often lurks around many founders and startup teams is, how do we get those early adopters? Is it through marketing, social media, referrals, testimonials, personal relationships, what exactly is it that works across the board and makes up for a solid list of customers/clients with a high possibility of retention. Also, how can we do it? The answer is simple.

Leverage your existing network and continue growing it


The network you have developed over the years with people in different industries, should be your first place to look for potential clients/customers. These are the people you’ve known personally, and people who will add value to what you are offering by giving you all kinds of honest feedback that you will need to work on your solution. While this network can be used for “beta” testing, it can also be used for referrals, which brings us to the second point.

Utilize word of mouth and incentivize it

Your best customers/clients, are your first. Give them your ultimate best, and reward their efforts to make your solution better and spread word about it. Whether what you are offering is a B2B or B2C solution, this method works wonders. Give them discounts, promocodes, credits, however you may call it, just make sure to keep those who believe in you from the start.

Spend money on digital marketing and know which platforms work the best

While your best bet is your network, but it is also important to gain trust from those who you don’t know because it validates your product-market-fit, and brings it to a new depth. Use email marketing, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or LinkedIn campaigns, and see which has the highest conversion rates and double down on it. In other words leverage growth hacking strategies to the best of your abilities.

Listen and act accordingly

It is extremely important that you treat your first customers with extreme care and listen to their feedback on a regular basis. They will always offer you unbiased feedback on how to improve your solution because there is always a bug that needs to be fixed, changed, or removed. Listen carefully and keep it up. Your first customers are your best bet, but your late adopters are the ones who will determine how far your startup can go.

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