Flat6Labs’ Six Top Tips To Get Investors’ Attention - Flat6Labs


1. Make the distinction between an institutional and angel investor and what each looks for.

“Institutional investors measure the strength and potential of a startup by its ability to show concrete results, and by having a vivid plan of the future.” — Flat6Labs’ CIO, Dina el-Shenoufy

“Angel investors look for companies that they can relate to, believe in, and wholeheartedly support while still understanding the risks” — Flat6Labs’ CIO, Dina el-Shenoufy

2. Set a clear and realistic growth plan

3. Have all things considered: the industrial, economic and social fit

4. Highlight your ability to generate revenue and traction!

5. Your team is your biggest asset, nurture and invest in it.

6. Have an exit strategy in place