Flat6Labs Cairo Alumnus Argineering Launches RGKit Play to Enable Creatives & Designers Bring Their Stories to Light - Flat6Labs


On the 22nd of September, Argineering launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to back up its newly launched RGKit Play that will allow designers, videographers, and creatives of all kinds to add movement in style with their newly launched kit. Support them on Kickstarter here.

The RGKit Play is a modular wireless kit consisting of motors that gives access to its user to modify movement and light using a phone app. Their app in the past has been known for its friendly, accessible, and easy to use interface; one of the key selling points of Argineering’s solutions. Besides that, Argineering plans to offer the new kit at affordable prices compared to competition.

“We’re so excited to see creatives play with movement like pros,” says David Erian, CEO & Co-Founder, “Launching RGKit Play on Kickstarter is a new chapter for us that we have been working towards, for such a long time. It’s a huge step to make RGKit Play accessible to all creatives.”

The kickstarter campaign that Argineering will be launching is to help the startup scale up the production and reach potential customers from all over the world. Currently, Argineering offers 5 kits with the beginner kit starting at $190.

Since joining the Flat6Labs Cairo accelerator program in August 2017, Agrineering managed to expand their product offerings and grow their client-base to include prominent global department stores such as Selfridges and Ted Baker in London; as well as, London’s Science Museum.

Given the considerable growth and progress in the size of their business, Argineering received follow-on investment from Flat6Labs and managed to raise a USD 400,000 Pre-Series A round led by 500 Startups. Throughout and post the program, Argineering won several competitions including “CBC’s Hona Al Shabab Competition” and “The Rise up Pitch Competition”.

Check out RGKit Play on Kickstarter: