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Throughout decades, many entrepreneurs, investors, acclaimed businessmen/women have talked about how perseverance, resilience, passion, and drive will get your company off the ground. While working hard and having a belief in your startup will get you far, working smart will get you further. To work smart, you need to identify the main pillars that help you sustain, grow, and scale your startup from idea stage to seed-ready stage. With that said, here is Flat6Labs 2019’s roundup of the best tips from all over the MENA region on how to get your startup kicking.

1) Hire These People

Choosing the right team is essential to your business’ success. You could be a brilliant entrepreneur with an awesome business idea destined for success, but if you don’t have the right people on your team, you won’t go far. Based on CB Insights report on the top reasons startups fail, which was conducted on 311 flamed-out startups, 23% of startups fail due to not having the right team — it’s also the third most common reason for startup failure.

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2) Use Networking As A Infinite Resource Of Opportunities

There are a number of catalysts that could elevate your startup and improve its prospects when it comes to scalability; and standing the test of time and lots of glorious examples, is networking. In a report by Forbes.com, their highlighted research concluded that on the way to entrepreneurial success, networking is crucial for 78% of the startups. So yes, it does act as an undeniably strong force on the way to shaping a well-rounded future for your startup, which will likely entail a network of friends, mentors, investors, professionals for hiring, and advisers.

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3) Get A Strategic Partner

With your innovative services or products trying to enter the space of one thriving startup scene, it is crucial to know where your startups’ best interests lie; and what is the best course of action that will revolutionise how people live daily through your tech-based solutions. Identifying what you need early on, and settling on partnering with those who can help you propel your startup comes a long way; especially, if you chose Flat6Labs, and the reasons are many.

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4) Learn To Deliver A Perfect Pitch

You’ve put in your all to kickstart your startup and now you’re after investors who can share in the vision you have for your business. A great pitch goes a long way in securing investments and the way you present can make or break your chances. If you’ve been to one of Flat6Labs Bahrain’s Demo Days, then you’ve probably seen that we do know a thing or two about giving an exemplary pitch. Here are some of our tips to pitching your way to securing investments for your startup.

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5) Read The Investors’ Minds

According to CBinsights.com, running out of cash and the lack of investor interest in a startup are some of the common hurdles that stand in the way of early-stage startups. With Flat6Labs expertise in the startup ecosystem over the past 8 years, Flat6Labs’ CIO, Dina el-Shenoufy, and our Managing Partners and Directors from our offices: Flat6Labs Beirut, Flat6Labs Bahrain, Flat6Labs Cairo, and Flat6Labs Tunis, discussed how startups can maximize their potential and chances with local, regional, and even international investors. They have thoroughly examined, through both experience and knowledge, the conditions and preferences of investors when they are fishing for innovative, scalable, and all-around amazing startups. And, with the number and magnitude of events we hold each cycle for our startups, we’ve demonstrated our ability to give each of our startups multiple chances to meet with and actually secure deals with investors. Mainly through our networking events, pitch nights; our speed-date investor mixers; and through the Demo Days, which always hosts a number of local, regional and international investors and even mentors and government officials.

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