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  • Flat6Labs Launches the DICE Program Demo Day in Cairo In Partnership with The British Council and Hatch Ideas

Flat6Labs Launches the DICE Program Demo Day in Cairo In Partnership with The British Council and Hatch Ideas Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, 30 November 2021 – The DICE Program Demo Day launched in Cairo where 24 startups unveiled their remarkable products and services to investors, prospective clients and guests who were looking forward to providing additional support. This day is a culmination of all the effort and work done by the participating startups on their products and services in the past few months.

Funded by the British Council and in partnership with Flat6Labs and Hatch Ideas, the DICE program focuses on building and developing creative and innovative youth and entrepreneurs’ capabilities, encouraging them to establish innovative and social startups. The program also enables craftspeople and established startups, which provide innovative products and solutions in various sectors, such as visual arts, design, performing arts, handicrafts, movies, media, educational toys and architecture.

Hassan Mansi, the Executive Director of the DICE Program, shares “entrepreneurs of Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies (DICE) form a significant part in the structure of entrepreneurship in Egypt. They positively contribute to promoting the national economy and creating employment opportunities for the youth, especially female entrepreneurs outside Cairo. Currently, the entrepreneurs in the Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies use technology to develop and market their products and keep up with the times while maintaining their heritage at the same time. Flat6Labs is proud to be in a partnership with Hatch Ideas, our partner in the UK and the British Council, which always supports entrepreneurs in the Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies field and through other different programs. The British Council and Hatch Ideas have enriched the program with their ideas and suggestions and their distinguished speakers gave the Egyptian entrepreneurs valuable insights and feedback.

“The range, quality, and professionalism of the creative entrepreneurs on this program have been inspiring and demonstrate why we should be so excited about the massive growth and economic potential of Egypt’s Creative Economy. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with Flat6Labs and British Council to deliver a program that strengthens and realizes the potential of this creative powerhouse”. Yemisi Mokuolu, Founder & CEO Hatch Ideas Worldwide

The Demo Day paved the way for a great opportunity to meet our guests who were invited from various creative industries as well as investors, notable entrepreneurs, companies, governmental entities and the media. It also created a space for sharing experiences, advice and networking opportunities through the diverse discussion sessions that addressed some of the most significant challenges that the creative and handicrafts industries face in Egypt.

“The British Council’s Inclusive and Creative Economies program has been proud to work with the unwavering support of our partners – who created the space for the co-design of policy and community-led initiatives. Together we have been able to connect 25 emerging companies from artists and entrepreneurs with policymakers, intermediaries, investors, and funders. We congratulate all and have every confidence in their success and their contribution to an inclusive and sustainable economy”, shares Elizabeth White, Director of the British Council in Egypt.

Out of 91 startups, 24 companies have qualified, and the day ended with an exciting competition for them to present their businesses to a jury where EGP 225,000 was distributed to the top 3 startups.

First Place: “Adaptive Appeal” won a monetary prize of EGP 100,000.
Second Place: “Banana Art” won a monetary prize of EGP 75,000.
Third Place: “Mavericks” won a monetary prize of EGP 50,000.

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