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Once you are accepted into the program, you will receive a magnitude of benefits, ranging from mentorship, coaching, and business development to a regional network of investors, entrepreneurs, and experts who can help you create a prototype.

Conditions to Apply:

  • ​Must have a commercial registration in Saudi Arabia and be a privately-owned company Picture
  • Must be working on fintech or fintech related technology solutions Picture
  • Must have an existing MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the solution
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Fintech Accelerator


Support Services

Dedicated Mentors

Business Networking Events


Coaching Sessions

Exposure To Partnerships & Business Opportunities

Pitch Practice & Pitch Night

Fintech Accelerator


  • Interviews
  • Selection Committee
  • Cycle Program
  • Demo Day
  • Our Journey Continues


We receive hundreds of applications every cycle in each location. Once all applications have been submitted, our team reviews every application carefully and selects the best applicants to be called in for a 30-60 minute interview. We go deeper into learning about the founders – who they are, why are they building a company, how well do they know their market, what problem do they want to solve.


Selection Committee

By the end of the 4-day Bootcamp, teams present in front of the selection committee who then select the final teams to be accepted into the cycle. The selection committee is a diverse group of partners, industry experts, entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors all from our close network who come out with the final “go/no go” decision on each team.


Cycle Program

This is where the cycle begins and each team works restlessly over the next 4 months developing their core business model, building a prototype, and acquiring customers. During the cycle, each team has full and unlimited access to our overarching network of mentors, investors, consultants, experts, as well as well as the privilege to use our office space, network of mentors, consultants, investors, business education workshops, training sessions, perks program and more.


Demo Day

Flat6Labs’ entrepreneurs go through a number of milestones during the training program including the Program Opening, Product Day, the Market day, and the Demo Day, events through which entrepreneurs are able to present their product to a select crowd, receive feedback, network & pitch to potential investors.


Our Journey Continues

We continue offering our startups support, guidance, and exposure to investors, which ensures accelerated growth and scalability.

Fintech Accelerator


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Fintech Accelerator


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Fintech Accelerator
Program Starts: 20 Feb 2022 Program Ends: 20 May 2022

The Fintech Accelerator program is designed to support aspiring Fintech entrepreneurs through an intensive part-time curriculum focused on growth and scaling stages. Our bespoke and tailored curriculum is designed to help your startup grow and to introduce you to all the best practices, tools, and resources to develop and scale your solution-driven business.

Apply Now Deadline 20 Jan 2022