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Who Can Apply

Once you are selected to join the 16-week accelerator program, you’ll receive world-class mentorship and coaching, info sessions, subject matter one-on-one sessions, training by local and international experts, and a multitude of perks and services.

Selection Criteria:

  • Projects from any sector that are fighting climate change in Egypt by helping to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Projects that would benefit from advice and support from technical and financial experts, in addition to climate mitigation and gender equality and social inclusion experts, to help them attract investment and better communicate the impact of their projects.
  • Projects looking for investment of at least US$1 million.
  • Projects in at least the pre-feasibility stage.

Projects should be prepared to work hard to maximise having direct access to CFA experts.

Projects that have completed the process tell us that the more they put into the process, the more they get out of it.

Submission language: English

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Coaching and best practice insights

Networking opportunities

Increased visibility

One-on-one consultations

Access to investors

Achieving ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) project objectives

Access to sources of finance

Building networks & raising profile



  • Apply
  • Interviews
  • Cycle Program


The CFA program call for applications will be announced on all official communication channels, signaling the eligibility for all interested applicants to apply to the 16-week program. To join the CFA program, interested applicants should apply on the website and fill in a form detailing the basics of their idea or business. Applications are open from December 13th until February 5th, 2024 and the actual program will start March 3rd, 2024 until June 28th, 2024.



Once all applications have been submitted, the CFA management team will review every application carefully and selects the best applicants to be called in for a 30-60 minute interview.


Cycle Program

The program design will be tailored based on the needs and stage of each startup, focusing on key weaknesses including but not limited to those related to product or service development, branding and market research, financial management and business model soundness, human resources, fundraising and networking and legal and regulatory support. During the cycle, each team has full and unlimited access to our wide network of mentors, investors, consultants, experts, business education workshops, training sessions and more. At the end of the CFA process an event will be held with Egyptian investors allowing each project to get additional advice from investors as well as pitching their projects to them.



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Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA) program
Program Starts: 03 Mar 2024 Program Ends: 28 Jun 2024

In collaboration with the UK government, Flat6Labs is implementing the second phase of the Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA) program in Egypt