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Flat6Labs Beirut Graduates 7 Startups During Its Fourth Demo Day Beirut, Lebanon

Event Starts: Saturday, 10 Oct 2020, 5:00 Program Ends:Thursday, 10 Oct 2019, 9:00

Under the patronage of HE Minister of ICT, Mr. Adel Afiouni, Flat6Labs Beirut, Lebanon’s leading regional startup seed program and early stage fund, hosts its Fourth Demo Day at Music Hall in Beirut. The Demo Day introduced seven new startups from Flat6Labs Beirut’s seed program. This event showcased the graduating startups, acting as a platform for founders to present their products and services to a select audience of potential investors, the media and the greater business community. It also provides the startup founders with business development, networking and scaling opportunities.

The Fourth Flat6Labs Beirut Seed Program cycle, which commenced on June 6th, 2019 welcomed 7 new startups tackling solutions across an array of industries including personalized cosmetics, fleet management, pharmaceutical supply chain, water sanitation, IoT, SaaS for ISPs and on-demand platforms.

All the startups have technology at their core and showcased their product to potential investors, the media and the greater business community. Flat6Labs Beirut supports and invests in promising Lebanese startups with innovative and fresh ideas. Each team goes through several stages before they are selected to become a fully developed startup. Once inducted into the program, each startup has unlimited access to Flat6Labs Beirut’s overarching network of mentors, investors, consultants and experts. They also have the privilege of using the Flat6Labs Beirut office space as their own, where they are surrounded by a network of mentors, consultants, investors, business workshops, training sessions and perks, amongst many others.

The graduation of the fourth batch of startups solidifies the company’s aim to accelerate the growth rate of Lebanese startups and provide a steady pipeline to the rapidly-growing Lebanese venture capital ecosystem.

“In under 24 months, Flat6Labs Beirut has proudly incorporated and invested in 33 new Lebanese SAL companies, supporting them through product validation and going to market, and established a network of highly skilled and passionate founders, mentors and corporates. In fact, in 2018 and during its first 12 months of investment, Flat6Labs Beirut contributed to 50% of the investments in the Lebanese ecosystem” – Hany Al-Sonbaty, Chairman of Flat6Labs.

Omar Christidis, CEO of ArabNet said, “We are thrilled that Flat6Labs Beirut is graduating their fourth cycle of startups and has helped create 33 new companies driving the Lebanese economy forward. We look forward to creating more companies in the coming years.”

Here are the seven graduating startups that showcased their products and services during the fourth Flat6Labs Beirut Demo Day:

  • Clean2O: Clean2O designs products that make water safe for cooking and drinking anytime, anywhere.
  • Fleets.ai: Fleets.ai provides real-time fleet monitoring to optimize fleet performance, maintenance costs, and fuel consumption.
  • IoTree: IoTree is a wireless sensory network of smart traps that are developed using a deep learning algorithm for the early detection of harmful pests and insects in farms.
  • Joona: Joona offers playful and personalized quality skincare products according to dermatological types, conditions and preferences.
  • PharmaKlik: PharmaKlik is a cloud-based omnichannel platform that links pharmacies with suppliers.
  • Presentail: Presentail is a gifting platform for Lebanese expats featuring hand-picked products from nostalgic suppliers, delivered quickly and safely.
  • Zima: Zima is a cost-saving SaaS that enables Internet Service Providers to manage their user bandwidth, billing and subscription– with no need for hardware.

Flat6Labs Beirut will launch its Fifth Cycle in November 2019 and has an open application process, allowing founders to apply at any time to receive feedback and enhance their selection opportunities for the upcoming cycle. Founders can always apply here.

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