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Stephanie Sims

Founder - Finance-Ability

Stephanie Sims is a capital strategist, startup advisor and the founder of Finance-Ability, where she helps founders tell economic stories that make dollars…and sense. After nearly a decade in investment banking working with Goldman, Lehman and CSFB on over $5B (BV) of transactions, Stephanie successfully rode the high tech start-up roller coaster in Europe - complete with angels, venture capitalists and the coveted exit to a publicly traded company. Stephanie has translated her experience as both an investor and an entrepreneur to help raise over $30M. She also educates and mentors early stage entrepreneurs at various accelerators, serves as a judge at startup competitions and is a frequent speaker about venture capital, angel investment, and alternative sources of financing. Stephanie is also the host of the What's Your Ask? show, where she talks to investors and entrepreneurs about the different ways they've asked and been asked for money, references, introductions and more.


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