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Nathan Hull

Founder - NDH Lab

Nathan Hull is the Founder of NDH Lab, an organization that connects content, creators and consumers - from international start-up and scale-ups to commercial giants such as Penguin Books and Universal Music. Nathan is an intrepid traveler and story-seeker sifting for new ideas, new people, new IP, new business models from around the world to then join the dots. His current projects range from blockchain-powered event ticketing to AR edutech and content distribution to audio services. Nathan currently operates on content and tech projects in Latin America, Scandinavia, Africa, Spain as well as being a partner of the huge Shared Stories Group in the Netherlands comprising the countries largest publisher, with over 300+ retail stores and the largest digital subscription service. Nathan was formerly Chief Commercial & Content Officer at Bookchoice, the group's curated digital book boutique across 14 countries. Previously, Nathan was Chief Business Development Officer at Mofibo, Scandinavia’s leading ebook subscription model, prior to its acquisition. Notably Nathan was Penguin Random House’s Digital Product Director, with strategic responsibility for its digital portfolio and innovation strategy working closely with the likes of Stephen Fry, Jamie Oliver, Jeff Kinney, and Roald Dahl’s estate. Prior to publishing, Nathan managed several international bands and was Universal Music’s senior digital marketing manager executing the original deals and partnerships with the likes of Spotify, Sky, and Playstation for acts ranging from the Rolling Stones to U2.


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