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Krzysztof Kobus

CTO, Founder - Glass-Spider

An experienced CTO, software architect and developer with 20 years of experience, Krzysztof has held executive roles in large public companies and startups in television, visualization, automotive and the healthcare industries. Krzysztof is a top expert in interactive and real-time 3D graphics and designing sophisticated IT architectures as modular maintainable systems, has led large international engineering teams in successfully launching numerous IT products to market. Krzysztof has worked directly with key clients including BBC, France 2 TV Channel, Volkswagen, Audi, British Aerospace, Barco, Charite, EY and many others. A few of his career highlights include being part of the number one hacker group in Poland in the 1980s, a lecturer of software engineering at university, a co-founder and publisher of a printed Polish countrywide magazine for C64 & Amiga users, a member of the R&D team that invented TV virtual studio in 1990-ties (Silicon Valley headquartered company), the first employee of a startup that invented real time raytracing - as part of university ecosystem producing Siggraph level papers, as well as having been an influential senior software engineer of innovative medical software company that gained huge commercial success, as a CTO and co-founder of, and finally his current role as a CTO and founder of


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