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image Overview About Waseya

Waseya is an online will maker. It allows people to write a legally binding will that complies with local laws and Islamic jurisprudence. The platform includes tools to calculate one’s Net Asset Worth and compute the Islamic shares of each inheritor.



The web-application is simple to use, in both English and Arabic. Users sign-up with their email, fill out their information and wishes by following our step-by-step guided process, and pay online before downloading their will document. Updates, when life happens, are free of charge.


Target Market:

In Egypt, the total available market is around $4Bn and the SAM to be $1.7Bn, and this just for will writing.
The MENA market is 6 to 7 times bigger and growing.


Business Model:

We sell wills online direct to customers at EGP 1,500 per will, as well as offline to companies in bulk, for their staff or clients, at a discounted rate.

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