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Company Brief
UDAWI bridges the gap between healthcare providers, businesses, and individuals. For businesses, we streamline regulatory medical testing for staff, handling all logistics, saving time and costs. For individuals, we revolutionize out-of-pocket medical expenses, offering significant discounts within our network and flexible installment payment options. Our digital platform seamlessly integrates with hospital systems, making private healthcare more accessible and affordable, encouraging more individuals to seek the care they need.

– UDAWI Basic: revolutionizes individual healthcare access by offering a wide range of services at reduced prices with a free subscription model. Operational and efficient, it’s a cornerstone in making healthcare affordable and accessible for individuals.
– UDAWI Checkup: streamlines corporate health checkups, offering businesses a simplified solution for maintaining employee health. Already launched, it enhances workplace wellness efficiently and effectively.
– UDAWI Care: Launching in Q3 2024, it is a subscription-based service providing essential healthcare services, including unlimited consultations and lab work. It’s an affordable solution for comprehensive, essential healthcare access.

Target Market

Business Model
– Udawi Basic: 10-30% claw-back from providers
– Udawi Checkup: 15-30% margin

Target Customer
– Individuals who seek affordable private healthcare.
– Business that need comply with mandated government checkups for their employees

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