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The Experience AcceleratorBahrain

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image Overview About The Experience Accelerator

Companies and universities choose The Experience Accelerator because it helps their managers and students lead with better behaviours. And in turn, they get more engaged employees and better student employability. Through a virtual learning platform, learners experience digital visualisation methods (like videos) combined with practice and personalized, AI-augmented coaching feedback to accelerate their soft skills and behaviours.

Learners like how the solution holds up a virtual mirror to their behaviour, guides them to the deliberate practice of new techniques and provides them personalised, detailed feedback in a safe environment. On average, learners improve their target behaviours by 40-80%. In summary, the solution delivers the advantages of virtual, digital learning (affordable and scales well), the benefits of a personal coach (targeted, detailed personal feedback) and machine learning conversational analytics (data-driven insights) to help managers learn new leadership and professional behaviours faster and more effectively. The Experience Accelerator partners well with the Learning & Development Department, Universities and all types of learning providers. It is a natural enabler of post classroom/workshop practice and learning transfer.

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