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Temr.cm is Bahrain’s first cloud-based Clinic Management solution for small to medium-sized healthcare providers. It enables them to intelligently and comprehensively digitise their clinic operations from patient medical records to their daily administrative and business activities, all in one secure and easy to use platform.

The system helps doctors to easily record and access their patient data and collaborate with other health providers across the network with ease. Doctors can finally give the patient access to their medical records via the patient portal wherever and whenever they may need it.

In addition to that, the system streamlines all administrative activities of a clinic including appointment scheduling, accounting, POS, HR management, pharmacy and inventory management, e-prescriptions…etc. All with built-in data analytics and business intelligence helping clinic administrators better optimise their operations and activities in realtime.

Temr.cm aims to improve overall patient care and experience by empowering doctors and clinic administrators with an advanced data-driven healthcare system.

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