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image Overview About Shaffra

Company Brief

Shaffra’s engine use-cases are endless.

 -Imagine any world, send the 3D work, we will launch it as a Metaverse.

 -Experience museums like never before.

 -Hold business-retreats for your employees from around-the-globe or host events.

 -Have Pop-up Furniture-Stores or Digital-Shops around the city.

 -Increase Engagement and Visibility.

 -Have AR-guided Tours of local cities – Experience Virtual-to-Reality.

 -Track-and-Act with live Data-Analytics and Reports.


-API-first metaverse engine that gives you full-control and is embedded within your websites and your apps. Connected with your systems.

 -We are device-agnostic and can run on VR, Mobile and any computer up to 5 years old.

 -We have one of the most powerful proprietary 3D-software engines providing game-like 3D graphics on the Web using WebGL and soon, WebGPU technologies.

Business Model

As a Metaverse-as-a-Service company we will be charging a monthly subscription fee. From USD5,000 monthly allowing up to 50-concurrent-users and limited analytics, up to USD15,000 monthly allowing 500-concurrent-users and data-integration.

Target Market

– Government sectors (ministries of tourism, economy, interior)

– Real-estate developers

– Education

– Retail

– Banks

– Events / conferences / concerts

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