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Company Brief

Revibe is an online B2C Marketplace for refurbished electronics. Connecting suppliers in the region with end client while ensuring quality of the devices by rigorously filtering out suppliers with our proprietary AI buy box algorithm. Revibe also provide a return policy and 12 months guarantee to help customers shift from new to renewed


The way the product works is the following simple:

1- First, suppliers put their inventory on our platform

2- Then, for each model, our algorithm select the best supplier based on price and quality

3- As a result the customer gets the best from the market for each model

Business Model

Revibe takes a ~10% commission from each transaction happening on the platform + and Revibe increases the take rate up to 5% by adding value add services

Target Market

On the long term, the target market is MENA. For the first year, target market is UAE and KSA

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