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Nural is a mobile-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) designed to help teams focus on productivity.

Nural can handle anything from quick thought, task and minor changes for casual users, all the way to very complex projects for pro-level users. It’s an app that will go as far as your imagination and inspiration will take it. Nural is a deceptively simple app that clears out menus and other clutter to let you focus on what’s important — getting your ideas down before the inspiration fades. It’s also easy to keep these ideas and inspirations relevant however the forefront of attention at all times.

Nural is more than just a beautiful and distraction-free space to work through. It has advanced features to satisfy even the most demanding of power users. Nural is a practical organizer with a fresh interface that allows you to organize your tasks. Also, you can set them depending on what time frame you want to finish these tasks in.

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