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Naviacom is a machine-to-machine connectivity solution provider specializing in telematics and fleet management to tackle these issues. Naviacom provides high- performance, scalable, hardware- agnostic and cost-effective solutions that can fully integrate into existing business systems. The solution allows real-time collection of information such as vehicle behavior, fuel usage, speed, mileage, and driver insights to increase productivity, reduce expenses, and improve safety. Fleet management solutions by Naviacom can adapt to fleets of varying sizes and types, from heavy-trucks to light commercial vehicles, to motorcycles.
Present in Tunisia, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Jordan, they are a growing player in the field of transport through North and West Africa with more than 250 customers and 2,000 vehicles connected to their platform. Naviacom has recently been titled as one of the 12 fastest growing companies in Africa.

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