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image Overview About Nadeera

Nadeera is a social enterprise with objectives to promote sorting-at-source, increase the sustainability of the waste value chain, introduce technologically innovative methods to improve resident behaviors towards waste management, and establish deposit return systems for recyclables in the MENA region. Nadeera has two fully operational products that cater to the needs of municipal and property managers and the general public.


We have two functioning products. The first is called “Nadeera”, an anonymous IoT tracking system that allows us to send feedback to users reflective of the quality of their sorting. Residents and businesses that sort well are rewarded with exchangeable points. Our second product “Yalla Return” is a trash-4-cash offering that allows users to trade their recyclables for monetary rewards.

Target Market:

Residents and municipal and property managers in the MENA region, an area that continues to lag behind in terms of waste management and sustainability.

Business Model:

Our business model mainly operates as an SaaS. Revenues from recyclable material would cover the costs associated with operations and profits are distributed onto stakeholders.

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