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Company Brief

MNZL wants to help these owners unlock their property wealth,

significantly lowering their cost of money, and bringing their assets into the formal economy.

Our vision is to create a digital “property wallet”. We want to redefine how home equity financing

works, and make accessing funding via your property-wealth frictionless, affordable and quick.”


The first component of MNZL’s platform is our digital property registration service. MNZL solves that by offering a digital service that reduces registration fees for owners, leverages technology to allow scale.

Home equity financing

Once a property is registered and on our platform, we can easily provide Home Equity Loans on the said property through a seamless digital experience.

Business Model

Two key products:

Digital property registration

A flat rate on registering units on behalf of the customers

Home equity financing

1-2% commission from lenders on the total loan amount”

Target Market

Starting with Egypt, and scaling to similar underbanked economies in Africa.



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