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Company Brief

MENA Analytics is a leading polling firm specializing in high-precision data collection and analysis. With a focus on the MENA region, we offer innovative solutions that empower businesses to make informed decisions based on accurate and timely data.

Our cutting-edge tools enable businesses to collect target customer feedback and input from local markets, to explore new business ideas in selected high-potential sectors, and measure the impact of their interventions efficiently and accurately.



We currently have two products available: Consumer Compass which allows our clients to get insights on consumer behavior and preferences, and Retailer Radar which allows our clients to get insights on businesses and trends in the market. We are working on providing a SaaS product as well.


Business Model

We sell our services at a price-per-resondent model. While we have a minimum of 382 recommended, the size of sample is determined by the clients requested target population and acceptable margin of error. In the future, we are looking at introducing a subscription model for our SaaS product.



Data and Business Intelligence


Target Customer

Companies in the FMCG space looking to introduce a new product, test new features, or enter a new market.

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