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Company Brief

Melior is a software that redefines the way healthcare managers connect with their patients, manage their experiences and sustainably improve their services. Melior is a straight-forward, effective and robust patient engagement software. It’s designed to provide patients with an effective way to make their voices heard and for managers to continuously improve the services they provide.

Target Market

Melior taps into 2 distinct markets. The online survey market is estimated at 6.9 billion USD with a significant growth of over 70% in the last 5 years.

In addition, through its offering for hospitals and healthcare entreprises, Melior is very well positioned in the patient engagement solutions market which is expected to surpass 66billion usd in 10 years

Business Model

Melior adopts a subscription-based, software as a service model that is off-the shelf, requiring no investment in setup or customization. Its pricing is competitive on a national and global scale with a number of upselling options for additional, high value features. Our current clients are constantly adding branches and expanding in their subscription offerings.

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