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image Overview About Konnect

Konnect helps businesses of all sizes develop their activities and grow by providing their customers with a variety of intuitive and easy-to-implement online payment methods.
Konnect allows companies or any users having email addresses to send and receive payments online in a practical, secure, and low-cost way.

Konnect is based on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and bank cards in order to create a full solution of real-time online payment.
Its mobile payment platform is white-labelled and equipped with Tokenization to allow secure, traceable, and real-time transactions within the ecosystem. Also, the payment platform that it exploits, is equipped with micro-services used for the back-end in order to drastically reduce the delay of market launch and global costs issued by configuration, integration, and customization of the platform.

Target Market:

Konnect targets MSMEs operating in Africa.

Business Model:

Konnect takes commissions on each transaction made through the patform.

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