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image Overview About Kokens

KoKens is a KaaS (Kitchen As A Service) platform transforming online food recipes into a menu available to everyone, by enabling food bloggers & Entrepreneurs to instantly launch their virtual food brands for home delivery through our E-commerce platform, standardized commercial kitchens and last mile operations.

Our solution would work on every single content not only food in the future, enabling instant monetization for brands.



Our product is a multi-brand ecommerce store integrated with a full kitchen management and last mile system for operations. Bloggers can create their own brand pages at KoKens E-commerce and link it to their social media platforms, Customers browsing the content will be able to click on the link and be redirected to the product page for checkout process.


Target Market:

Food delivery business in Egypt is worth $2.5B, where online channels account for only 6%. We set eyes to acquire 5% of the total market by 2025 generating $20M in revenue.


Business Model:

We acquire customers through bloggers on social media platforms, once an order is placed Kokens will fulfill the order and collect the full payment, bloggers will receive a commission on every order placed.

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