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Company Brief

iPass is a digital onboarding solution enabling SMEs to digitize and automate customer and employee onboarding by offering a selection of features aiming to automate, accelerate and streamline identity verification.

iPass offers a seamless automated and integrated identity verification process, through a variety of product offerings from eKYC, ID verification, video verification, social media look-up, customized risk screening, and transaction monitoring.


The product is a Saas solution that enables digital onboarding through eKYC checks with minimal capital investment, integrated with a variety of anti-fraud detection tools and features, allowing a fully secured data platform and data access. Featured anti-detection tools include:
– eKYC Verification; creating and maintaining online trust
– ID Verification; real-time/automatic verification
– Video Verification; remote customer onboarding
– Liveness Checks; reduce the likelihood of spoofing attempts
– Social Media Look-up; matches social media pages with ID verification 

Target Market

Financial institutions and e-commerce websites in the MENA region.

Business Model  

Subscription model.

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