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image Overview About Intixel

Intixel launched in September 2018 as a service-based firm supporting medical imaging companies with the needed image-analytics engines. In December 2020, Intixel launched its first product; AIRA Breast; to empower radiologists in breast-cancer screening programs with its AI-powered solutions. Intixel’s team is a finely selected AI, and medical imaging experts.



AIRA Breast identifies healthy subjects in a breast cancer screening sample, detects suspected cases, and outlines detailed findings for each case in Full-Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) images. AIRA Breast uses state-of-the-art machine learning for automatic detection and reduction of the false-negative rate.


Target Market:

– Medical Centers

– General Hospitals

– Screening Programs

– Computer-Aided-Diagnosis Software Vendors


Business Model:

Our product revenue model is a commercial & subscription mix model where per scan fee is applied and initial installation fees are collected in addition to annual service and support fees.

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