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Company Brief

Intellico streamlines the entire product documentation process. From PRDs, BRDs, to SRS documents and user stories, we help businesses generate essential documents for every stage of successful software product development.



Intellico’s machine learning model works to understand your business and project scope, crafting personalized documents tailored to your specific needs. The platform begins by extracting vital business data, including operational models, features, and user roles, facilitating the creation of personalized documents. These documents are aggregated from major generative AI algorithms and inputted into Intellico’s AI model to create more refined business documents.

Our platform is accessible through a centralized document hub, ensuring effortless access and collaboration. This is achieved while maintaining stringent data security standards.


Business Model

SaaS and Enterprise models



AI and Machine Learning


Target Customer

Product Experts including business analysts, product managers and product owners working in SMEs, consultancies and software houses


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