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image Overview About Ibtikaroom

Ibtikaroom has developed a centralized ecosystem of Multifamily Real Estate Digital Twins with the ability to link them with other participants in the real estate market such as:

– construction companies and real estate developers

– DIY and furniture stores

– Architecture and design firms

Unlike existing solutions, Ibtikaroom do not use human intervention or any special equipment to create a digital twin.


We create digital twins for all real estate ongoing projects online and integrate them into participant’s websites as a widget linking them with design studios to provide a new opportunity for customers making a decision in buying property.

We also collect data about the customer in order to form a digital profile for forming targeted offers.

Target Market:

Real Estate developers, DIY and furnishing stores, property portals, design studios

Business Model:

We charge real estate developers per sq.m of ongoing projects, diy\furnishing stores on CPC basis by integrating our widget and providing access to our database

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