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Company Brief

Humm is a food-focused multimedia company at the intersection of tech, e-commerce, and the creator economy

For years, HUMM has been entertaining, empowering, inspiring,

and teaching millions of people in the Middle East and North Africa everything there is to know about food — from how to make a recipe in one minute, to the history behind dishes we love, food reviews, comedies and concept shows, and travel content to tell people stories about food from other cultures.


HUMM NETWORK: An original HUMM platform to contain our editorial content, which includes videos, shows, & food journalism, with clear spaces allocated for advertising and brand partnerships.

HUMM ACADEMY: The first online streaming service of its kind in the Middle East, where 100’s of masterclasses & hours of tutorial-based content by professionals will be available for access, all designed to empower, inspire, and teach. For a small monthly fee, subscribers can have access to all classes – everything from kitchen & culinary basics, to courses on cooking for dietary restrictions, to how to design a concept & menu for your food business.

HUMM STUDIOS: Our very own studios where entertainment/lifestyle long form shows are made for streaming services such as Shahid, Netflix, and Amazon.

Target Market

  1. Consumers (B2C): targeting Arabic-speaking women & men ages 18 to 45 | Arabic speaking expatriates & second generation Arabs living abroad
  2. Brands (B2B): FMCGs and food-related brands in the Middle East and North Africa
  3. Streaming services: streaming giants such as Netflix, Shahid, and Amazon


Business Model

  • Humm Network Sales Model:
  • sponsorship based
  • E-commerce

Humm Academy Sales Model:

– subscription based

Humm Studio Sales Model:

– direct sales per season / episode

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