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image Overview About GymClass

GymClass is a multipass fitness App that provides users instant access to hundreds of classes and gyms in Bahrain and Kuwait in one single membership. A GymClass membership gives you flexibility and the freedom to change your boring fitness routine.

For existing class-based users, using GymClass is an instant money saver, since a GymClass membership is cheaper than booking with each studio separately.

GymClass also offers a corporate fitness benefits program for corporations that want to provide their employees with a free fitness membership as part of their fitness allowance program. The benefits of integrating a GymClass membership with a corporation’s fitness allowance program include giving your employees a flexible membership without having to commit to one gym and end up not going. A Corporate fitness membership from GymClass is beneficial for corporations who want to increase employee retention, one of the many benefits that GymClass provides for corporations that want to have an active and healthy employee workforce.

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