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Company Brief

Fundomundo is a live-education marketplace of online classes and activities for kids. The name is derived from having “Fun” while “Do”-ing things online within a “Mundo”- a world of activities and classes. The company has raised funds from VC’s in Turkey, UK and UAE and angel investors totaling 1.2M USD by July/2022.


Screen time for kids became a necessity after the pandemic.The battle for daily screen time was over, and the devices had won.

That’s where Fundomundo comes in. It’s a brilliant supplement to the kid’s school curriculum. But it’s more than that. From performing arts to coding classes, it gives kids access to learning opportunities that traditional teaching may not reach.

Target Market

At Fundomundo we have 3 personas to target, the teachers, the parents and the kids (the end user).

Business Model

Fundomundo is a pay per use marketplace, where consumers sign-up for classes and pay the class-fee on the platform. We take 30% on each transaction, and the teachers take 70%.


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