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image Overview About FLIP TECHNOLOGIES

We are passionate skateboarders and action sports enthusiast who are also engineers, hustlers, and DIY hackers. We are focused on developing activity trackers for action sports to digitize and quantify the activities performed and providing a comprehensive list of meaningful and actionable insights in track details and fitness. Flip Technologies has been recognised as one of the 5 startups who has the potential to grow in North America by Digital Media Zone, Toronto via “The Next Big Idea”. We were also incubated in DMZ. Our product is Block – an activity tracker to monitor the tricks and activities on a skateboard/longboard. Our vision is to expand the technology to other sports like snow, surf, BMX in the future. Currently, we have a hardware device (Smart riser pad) which fits the skateboard and connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The App helps to monitor tricks performed, compete with friends in exciting challenges, monitor your fitness and mapping your rides. Currently, we have a working prototype and continuously testing the device and algorithm with the help of skateboarding communities across the world.

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