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Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) have long become the number one killer of mankind. To fight NCDs, FLIMS is combining a healthy lifestyle into the current landscape of the healthcare space. Through a cloud medical data platform and network, FLIMS will provide lifestyle wellness management by combining risk prediction, activity evaluation, and wellness coaching. Customers will be guided through science-based and personalized wellness plans, preventing chronic diseases by empowering people to live healthy lives.

The product is a mobile app where users can see all their biomarkers and lab test results. The user can also monitor their activities to understand how their activity is impacting their overall wellness. Furthermore, the user will be given the chance to sign up for wellness activities suggested by their wellness coach. By following suggested activities and nutrition plans by their coach, the user will be able to track their wellness score and validate the impact of each suggested activity on their own wellness.

Target Market:

Medical labs; via a growing test menu and need for multiple integrations. Health aware individuals who are interested in understanding the risk level of contracting non-communicable diseases. Usually, such individuals are proactive in searching for information online about NCDs, prevention methods, and healthy lifestyles. Individuals who are already at risk of non-communicable diseases which are targeted from the FLIMS database of affiliate labs.

Business Model:

Subscriptions in wellness plans, alongside one-time early diagnosis kit sales.

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