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image Overview About ExpressBase

EXPRESSbase is an open-source, Low-code Rapid application development platform on the cloud for businesses and developers to build, run & manage internal business process applications 10x faster.

The target customers are small to mid-sized businesses (<1000 employees) with their own IT team, and Small IT Service companies providing custom solutions for these SMEs.

EXPRESSbase has all the tools, components and features to build comprehensive, complex internal process applications on web & mobile. It has several web-based builders – Form builder, TableView builder, ChartView builder, Dashboards builder, PDF Reports builder, Mobile page builder, Email/SMS builders, Chatbot builder, SQL Jobs builder, etc. EXPRESSbase is adding IoT capabilities to its platform enabling developers to quickly build IoT applications. It also has limited support for RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

EXPRESSbase has clients in the Middle East & India. They have won tenders for internal software automation from the Kerala Government.

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