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Company Brief

eFlow is reshaping professional development in the GCC and MENA regions with its AI-driven conversational learning. Tailored for the modern workforce, including the often-overlooked blue-collar sector, their platform delivers engaging, chat-based education via popular messaging apps like WhatsApp. eFlow’s approach transforms complex training materials into interactive dialogues, ensuring a natural and effective learning experience accessible to all, irrespective of their role or location.



eFlow offers an AI-Powered Chatbot that harnesses advanced AI capabilities to emulate a one-on-one interaction with a personal tutor. This approach ensures a personalized learning journey as it adapts to individual learning paces and styles, making the content more relatable and easily absorbed.

The chatbot can be accessed via popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Slack, and Teams to ensures accessibility on platforms which are already part of workers’ daily routines.

Additionally, courses are enriched with interactive content, including texts, images, videos, voice messages, and mini-games and can be delivered in various different languages to cater to the diverse linguistic backgrounds of the GCC and Middle East workforce.

Furthermore, the system analyzes performance and feedback, tailoring future content to meet the specific needs of each learner.


Business Model

They charge on a per-learner basis with ranges that include:

Companies with Less than 250 employees = $500 a month

Companies with between 250-999 employees = $1,000 per month

Companies with 1,000 – 5,000 employees – $2,500 a month



Learning & Development – EdTech


Target Customer

Corporates – L&D and HR managers


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