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image Overview About Edupay

Edupay is a fintech startup that aims to simplify transactions and interactions in education. Edupay empowers education seekers by assisting them throughout their journey. They offer the largest directory of educational institutions, registration services, financing options, payment plans, college funds, and so much more, placing themselves as the go-to hub for all education services!



Our mobile application connects users with a wide array of services that enrich the lives of education seekers and families. We provide the largest database of educational institutions, financial and payment plans, college funds, family insurance plans, and loyalty and benefits program that cater to families.


Target Market:

We’re targeting the private sector in Education. The private sector serves about 3.1Mn students and its estimated value is EGP 62Bn.


Business Model:

Parents or HR Departments apply using our app. We process their loan request with our financial partners. Once their benefits are approved we transfer the money to the selected school.

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