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Company Brief

Digital First AI is a revolutionary platform that creates go-to-market strategies powered by AI. With a little input from the user, the platform will create marketing plans in seconds along with instant dedicated marketing plans and growth tactics recommendations for any business in any sector.


Use DF.AI to constantly get better in marketing results. Create a marketing strategy with few clicks. Boost growth using AI – our system will recommend you personalized business tactics based on the data. Create content for blog, social media, website, and more, using our AI algorithms that create copy automatically for you and your clients.

Target Market

Our market opportunity. Obtainable market – small and medium enterprise using MarTech tools – 300 00 companies in 5 years (United States, Western Europe, India).

Business Model

We have three groups of target customers: Growth Hackers, Agencies and SMEs. We have a subscripction model and we create a marketplace (30% rev share).

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