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Company Brief

Copal is an established joint-stock Fintech company headquartered in Cairo since February 2022. We are on a mission to help raise a new generation of financially savvy Africans by introducing trendy and attractive lifestyle banking solutions that give us all an advantage over conventional banks in the cashless payments space.

Copal was created based on the pain points that all Egyptian parents are experiencing nowadays from challenges in trasferring instant money to their kids, online purchasing, and tracking & monitoring their kids’ spending. Such hardships stemmed from the lack of bank services specifically designed for more than 20 million children under age of 16.

Based on an average monthly expenditure of EGP 500, these families generate an annual trx of $4 billion and an annual GDV of $8 billion.

Copal is entering the Egyptian market through our unique product “Copal prepaid card + mobile app” and strategic partnerships with MasterCard, CIB “Commercial International Bank,” and the card processor MDP “Masria digital payments.”

Copal is a member in the Central Bank of Egypt’s fintech programme and one of the listed companies in their ecosystem. Copal also received their first investment from the F6L Cairo seed programme and is currently raising our seed round of investment.

Once Copal has been successfully launched in the Egyptian market, we intend to expand into other African markets in order to become Africa’s Friends & Family money app.


Copal is the Friends & Family Money app, that enables children as young as 12 years old, in addition to their parents, to make cashless payments. Copal offers open-looped banking cards fully supported by an AI-powered mobile app.

The app includes a variety of monitoring and tracking features to assist parents in managing their kid’s spending. On the other side, for juniors, the app provides financial, educational, and gamification tools to help them become financially aware and ready to take part in the financial inclusion initiative and support the community’s transformation toward a cashless economy.

Once the juniors register for the app and receive their personalised cards, they will be capable of making simple payments domestically, internationally, or even peer-to-peer. They will be provided with a variety of saving and investing tips and tools that will aid them to become financially savvy individuals.

Target Market


SEC: AB Families who are currently aware of online banking and use different banking cards & products (10M+ families)

Age range: Parents + Kids starting 12 years old

Gender: Both males & females

Target users: +20M kids under the age of 16

Business Model

The business model is built over 3 Main revenue streams:

1- Partner Bank interchange fees (1.2%-1.8%)

2- Bank Corrdior rate (8.25%)/annum

3- Partnerships

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