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Company Brief

Construcllo is a project management platform offering a seamless experience to project managers and workers in the field of construction. Through our platform, project managers can control the whole process starting from Tendering and Bidding, through the entire execution of the project to Maintenance and Support.



A cloud-based construction management software that handles all project operations and various departments in construction companies.

Construcllo excels at organizing daily tasks and operations for the company, supporting various types of projects and construction firms. The program aims to ensure smooth workflow in accordance with established plans for project execution, facilitating supervision and implementation. Users can navigate between different units and departments of the company effortlessly, allowing them to assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress quickly and effectively.


Business Model

Construcllo operates on a SaaS business model, offering three annual subscriptions tiers:

  1. Pro ($1440 / Year)
  2. Team ($4800 / Year)
  3. Business ($12000 / Year)



Construction Tech


Target Customer

Construction Industry Leaders in MENA


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