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BQube ITsTunisia

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Company Brief

BQube ITs helps manufacturing companies to improve their process management. BQube ITs implements a dynamic system that ensures a real time track with automated collection data system to provide informations to manufacturing decision makers, at the right time.


BQube ITs offers QMES (Quality Manufacturing Execution System) as a SAAS, designed with multiple modules, it helps manufacturing companies track and trace products from raw materials to finished goods in real time. It ensures also quality management according to standards. Based on IoT Technology, QMES is able to communicate with machines and sensors, to collect data automatically, display production rate on connected screens and print products tags.

Target Market

The Target customers of BQube ITs are mainly manufacturing companies in several fields (Automotive, food, Electronics, …) operating in North Africa and Europe.

Business Model

BQube ITs provides QMES via modules, depending on the companie’s needs.

The commercial offer depends on the modules selected by the client the number of end-users within the company.

BQube ITs offers also trainings, hosting and maintenance services.

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