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image Overview About ASKNATIVE

When it comes to traveling, time is very limited and making every second count is key. Keeping that in mind, we have developed AskNative, a mobile application for question answering that allows users to seek/share travel and cultural knowledge with natives around the world, through the user’s social network account.
The application works for both the traveler and the resident native: the traveler may want to save money, may not know about deals or offers in the country he/she is interested in visiting because of not having subscribed to natives in that country. AskNative would then share offers that may be of interest to the traveler concerning his/her destination. As for the other side, the native may enjoy connecting with others outside of his/her country with the same interests, raising awareness about one’s own culture and country. For extra convenience, contact between the traveler and the native may be held anonymously.

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