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Unnyhog develops unique games. We are focused to change the game industry. So far we’ve developed 3 games for iOs and Android platforms and they were downloaded more than 5 million times. We got a lot of experience in the development, we learnt how to make cross-platform games, in game design we learnt how to attract and keep people in a game. We also tried all types of monetizations: pay to play, free to play, freemium to understand them better. A new and great experience for us was marketing. We learnt how to market games better and we got a lot of connections. During our journey we’ve been watching for competitors and the reasons of their success, the global tendency of the market, and today we are developing a brand new Massive Multiplayer Online game. UnnyWorld – is a cross-platform Massive Multiplayer Online game in a Fantasy world. It is designed to fit millions of players playing every day worldwide. The world has a story, which you will learn during the game. At the beginning you select a character to play. Everything in the game happens around the character. You will be emotionally bounded to the character to keep you in the game. The game starts on a tiny Planet. This Planet initially belongs to you. To make your character happy and help it to evolve you will build different constructions and dig resources. There are a lot of quests, which will help you to start and investigate the game. You are not alone in this world. There are a lot of other people, who can become your friends or enemies. You need to travel between Planets and fight with other real players for resources, as well as defending your own Planet. It really makes sense to invite your friends in the game and create a Guild. Your guild mates will help you to protect your Planet, and you will have a guild chat to discuss your strategy. You can also team up with them and go to Arenas, where you will compete with other teams in realtime for different in-game rewards and ratings. This aspect is very important for male audience, because they are known to be crazy about fast-paced competitions in real time. There is an economics in the game. Players will be able to buy, build and upgrade a lot of things between the battles. Players will also be able to trade with each other using premium currency.

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