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Reform is an international award winning product design studio. Our goal is to design responsible products; products that benefit the environment, have a positive impact on the society and satisfy a user need. Our work ranges from public design, furniture design, sustainable design and usability. Currently our work is mainly in the furniture and textile design fields. Our philosophy is to design for a better quality of life. The feeling of responsibility towards serving our society and environment, gave us the motivation to start our first product, Plastex. The aim behind it is to solve a major problem in Egypt; Waste. Plastic bags are the second most wasted material in Egypt, every minute around one million single use plastic bag is given out for free, as the take up to a thousand years to degrade into a more harmful substances that poison soil, water and all living creatures. The focus of innovation lies in transforming the discarded wasted plastic bags into a new raw material that has environmental and economical benefits, through using feasible manufacturing techniques. And at the same time raising environmental awareness, reviving a traditional old craft (Handloom) and empowering local communities. Since we mastered the manufacturing process, now reform has his own running workshop with a small number of craftsmen that produces a daily work.

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