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Kikabò Labs tailors educational contents, cartoons, and apps by making the learning experience fun and engaging for kids. Kikabò Labs is a spin-off of Achtoons, an Italian animation production Company with more than 15 years of experience in the field. An imaginary museum features the most popular masterpieces of all time. Each work of art is the way to reach a game, strictly related to the essence and the style of the artist. Mati and Dada, two funny characters protagonists of a cartoon show with Tv and web exposure, accompany you on this fantastic journey on Art and Culture of all the time. In the app are combined the three favorite activities that children love to do with smartphones and tablets: watch cartoons, play games and take pictures with the camera. The app will feature the Image Recognition Technology which allows kids to interact with outside world for a real active learning. The app is white labelling and could be customized according to requests from clients (Cultural Entities, Museums, Galleries, etc.)

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