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Transloadit’s APIs are the Swiss Army Knife for users’ files.

Transloadit accepts file uploads and imports from various sources, including mobile apps, web browsers, URLs, S3, Cloud Files, Azure, FTP, Facebook, Dropbox and more. It offers a variety of file conversions for all sorts of media, including images, videos, audio, and documents.

Using our APIs, export uploads and encoded results to the services of your choice, then save the URLs to your database. Embed the file URLs into your app, so users can enjoy media files with the best possible quality for their device.

Encoding platforms require ongoing investment to deal with encoding, scaling, and stack headaches. Transloadit lets you free up development & server capacity and decimates time to market. Combine 39 features (Robots) to create workflows unique to your business. An elegant declarative JSON language makes this fool- and bulletproof.

Our platform is globally distributed, highly available, and scales to match any traffic. For 10 years in a row, that has paid off in uptime of > 99.99%. See Server Status

*Available Worldwide